Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Youghiogheny Defense Party

This from Paul Cline

Hopefully you can get the word out to support this event to fund the defense against the mining company Amerikohl plann to open a 500-acre surface coal mine adjacent to Ohiopyle State Park, State Gamelands #51, 1000 feet from Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail, less than 1000 ft from Craelick Rock and Blue Hole.

Known as the Curry property, the area is currently zoned for agricultural use. Amerikohl is petitioning the Fayette County Zoning Board for a zoning exception. Mining cannot proceed without this exception. It is a step separate from the DEP permit process.

If you have a quick minute to help us promote and make this a success, I would appreciate your helping the Yough ! Last year we made 40% of funds from people who, while they readily wanted to support the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER®, could not make the party, but sent in some money to count towards the event total. With a week to go, we are behind in that department this year.

Can you take a sec to forward this to a few folks who might actually want to know about either the party or our efforts to support the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER ?
The link  quickly allows folks to conveniently donate via credit card to the Yough Defense Fund. We donât hit folks up for cash all year round, but most of us do enjoy this great river all year round !

Also, if you are a Facebooker (is that a term?), please take a second to copy/paste this to your site (wall?) or forward to FBuddies.

Hope to see you and your friends Thursday night at the Falls City Pub; bring your dancing shoes ! p.s. We have lots of cool stuff for the silent auction.  Thanks to the donors !

Youghiogheny Defense Party!

This event benefits the Yough Defense Fund of the Mountain Watershed  Association, Home of the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER®

Proceeds will help cover legal expenses incurred in defending challenging the proposed Curry Mine

Date: Thursday November 18, 2010

Place: Falls City Pub (Wilderness Voyageurs) in Ohiopyle

Time: 5pm Doors Open (drinks available)

6pm Food starts (heavy Hors dâoeuvres)

7pm Music (short sets) and events start

9:30pm â format evolves toward party/more music

Music will be provided by Clark Slater and Jess Hartman (and the Ferncliff Collective friends)

A $20 donation at the door provides:

FREE Hors dâoeuvres (potluck donations accepted â but let us know!)

1 FREE draft beer, wine or soda

Additional draft beer is cash bar; however, 100% proceeds go to the Yough Defense Fund!

50% of all other bar drinks (and limited menu) proceeds go to the Yough Defense Fund!

Live music with Clark & Jess

Chance to win a door prize or swag!

Silent auction deals/steals!

Bring along your other Yough Friends and have fun supporting the Yough !

(100% of your donation at the door goes to the Yough Defense Fund!)

Party is open to the public ! It is not necessary to RSVP, but it will help us prepare so if you can, RSVP by emailing or find MWA on Facebook (search for Mountain Watershed Association) to let us know that youâre coming to support the Yough !

If you would like to make a donation to our silent auction or swag table, please do! You can make arrangements by emailing Ken at or calling (724) 593-5222.

Please join us! Bring some friends and forward this invitation on
to others who are interested in helping to protect the
Youghiogheny from a very real threat !

Additional Information:

If you can't attend the fundraising party, bummer! ...but please consider going right now to and making a donation in support of the Yough Defense Fund to count toward the event fundraising totals! You may also send a check to MWA, home of the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER, at PO Box 408, Melcroft, PA 15462 (note "Yough Defense Fund" in the memo line).

Curry Mine Background Information

One year later and not much has changed, though action is expected on the zoning appeal before the end of the year and costs are expected to continue to riseâ¦.

The Curry Mine project is a large proposed strip mine along the banks of the Youghiogheny River just below the southern border of Ohiopyle State Park and adjacent to the Great Allegheny Passage bike trail. This proposed mine could potentially have a huge impact on the Yough and two of its tributaries. The Fayette County Zoning Board denied Amerikohl's request for a zoning variance, but now Amerikohl has appealed the Zoning Board's decision. The coal
company has also filed a revised application with the Department of Environmental Protection for a strip mining permit. To date legal expenses for defending for the Yough from this threat have cost over $11,000 and will only go up as the organization prepares for a decision on the appeal and the possible issuance of the DEP permit.

The Mountain Watershed Association (MWA) became home to the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER in 2003 through a partnership with the international Waterkeeper Alliance. The Yough RIVERKEEPER works toward the protection, restoration and conservation of the Youghiogheny River watershed and its communities. A healthy environment produces and sustains healthy communities!

This is a winnable fight! We know this because the Zoning Board recognized the importance of protecting the crown jewel of the Laurel Highlands and Ohiopyle, and in a rare move, denied the variance due to the evidence of adverse impacts on the resource and public. The coal company may have deep pockets, but they canât match a concerted congregation of passionate and motivated supporters of the great and beloved Youghiogheny ! If you want to act, this organization is the key vehicle in the legal battle to do so, and your support is needed. At this event, you can meet the Youghiogheny RIVERKEEPER team and fellow Yough supporters, or go to to learn more about MWA now.

The Youghiogheny River is an exceptional resource and is incredibly valuable to our area. Public uses of the river include fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, climbing, birding, botanizing, to name a few -- should we include you? This rich resource dramatically enhances the quality of life, property value, tourism and economy of the Yough region. In fact, most people recognize the Yough as the cornerstone to the region's natural beauty and allure, which drives the recreational and economic value for local and visiting public alike. Now, more than ever, the Yough needs true friends!!

Thank you.

Paul Cline
Asset Servicing Technology
Room 151-0805
500 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15258-0001


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